Every business should be online, no matter the industry.

Building an online presence for your brand is more important now than it’s ever been. Being online is the easiest way for any business to be found easily by customers looking for your product or service. I want to help entrepreneurs like yourself expand your reach and convert even more consumers into customers. Brick and Mortar Stores, online businesses, coaches/ trainers, ecommerce stores, and more can all benefit from strengthening your online presence.

Let’s work together to get you online and capitalizing on those searches for companies like yours.

How can I help?


Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website more accessible in search engines, like Google, by creating or optimizing your content to increase website traffic. 

When a user searches for something like “What’s the best dog leash for beginners?” Google’s main goal is to provide that user with an answer that immediately answers their question. In order to do that you need content that is relevant to that search and is formatted in a way that is easily digestible by the user. That’s where I come in! I will conduct keyword research and create content for your website that helps you show up in searches relevant to your industry. 

To go along with creating content, I will be fixing technical issues that may be penalizing you in the eyes of Google like site speed, bad links, keyword stuffing and more.

If “How do I get shown in Google search results” is a question you’re frequently asking yourself, contact me to and let’s get you noticed.


Some common problems that I’ve seen businesses face when it comes to their website include:

  • Updating old photos with the newest content from the last brand shoot
  • Updating service pages to reflect the work that you’re currently doing
  • Setting up tracking for website performance
  • Updating old content to stay relevant

I am here to take those tasks off of your to-do list. I will take over control of your website and make regular updates to make sure your website is always current.


Setting up proper tracking for your website is SO IMPORTANT. Why? Analytics is how you see if your campaigns are working. Using platforms like Google Analytics gives you the opportunity to look at how visitors are interacting with your website and your business. 

Imagine putting thousands of dollars into advertising and getting customers walking through the door. With analytics we can see which email or social post brought that customer in rather than just guessing. Installing proper tracking will help you be smart about how and where you spend your marketing dollars.

The set-up of proper tracking can be difficult and confusing. Let me be your marketing partner and own the tracking and reporting of online performance for your business.