Social Media - Not just for stalking old friends!

When I ask business owners about social media I usually hear the same thing from them. They know that they need to be on it but beyond that, they aren’t sure how to grow their following or find the entire process time consuming and not worth the effort.

If this sounds like you, I am here to make your life EASIER. As a Certified HubSpot Social Media Marketer and over 5 years of experience managing social accounts, I’ve got the training and real-world experience to help your business make meaningful connections with your customers. I offer organic and paid services for businesses of all sizes. Find out more information below!


Have you ever found yourself asking “How many times do I need to post on social?”, “What’s the best platform for me?” or “How do I get for followers/ likes/ interactions?” Well now you don’t have to worry about that because I will take over posting AND the strategy behind when to post and what platform is best suited to your brand. 

Don’t have access to photo or video that you own? That’s okay! We offer photo and video services from the best brand photographer in Reno, Nevada. Lora Wagener Co. has an exceptional skill of making your message shine through the noise on Social.


Posting to social media is great! You’ve got the first step down but what’s next? You need to make sure you’re engaging with your audience as well as connecting in meaningful ways with other community members. 

Community Management goes hand in hand with Social Media Management but think about it as how your brand is interacting with the public rather than creating posts and sharing content. Through Community Management you will be able to strengthen your brand and help integrate you with your community. 


So, now you’re posting to social and connecting with your followers in a meaningful way. The last puzzle piece is adding Paid Social into your strategy. The short of it is, Paid Social = Facebook Ads. Billboards & magazine ads were all about reaching the masses. Facebook Ads are all about acquisition and conversion. Together, we will work on a plan to acquire new people and convert them to customers using Facebook Ads.

So, which kind of businesses are a great fit for this service? The short answer is: EVERYONE. E-commerce businesses selling products can create photo or video ads to display their products to new customers on Facebook and Instagram. Same for entrepreneurs, photographers, videographers, cosmetologists, hairdressers and all other service based businesses.

Contact me today and let’s create and implement a plan that takes your company to the next level.